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Help & Advice - Live FAQs

If you need help using or getting the most out of Aston Barclay LIVE or our website, these frequently asked questions may offer a solution.

I've forgotten my username and/or password?

Click the forgotten password link underneath the Trade Login box on the login page, or click here to be taken to the page. If you cannot remember your Username, please contact us through our enquiry form.

I cannot see video / hear audio

Check your speakers are connected to your computer, powered on, and unmuted.
Make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer. This can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

Download the flash player plugin

Note: Adobe Flash Player is embedded in most up-to-date web browsers, but disabled by default. Please see below for how enable it.

On Chrome

On Firefox

On Microsoft Edge

On Safari

I've signed up for an account on your website but my username and password do not work on LIVE?

Signing up for the website does not give you access to LIVE. If you have an Aston Barclay Account and would like access to LIVE, please contact us.

My sound and audio loads but then cuts off after a minute or so?

Check your internet connection and re-start your computer. If this does not work, please contact us for technical support.

The auction seems to freeze. Can I do anything to stop this within the window?

Yes, try clicking the refresh button on your browser. Check your internet connection and re-start your computer. If this does not work, please contact us for technical support.

When I log into a sale, it says that I'm already logged in and kicks me out?

This issue happens if your internet connection drops whilst you are logged into a sale. Please contact the centre of the sale you were watching and asked to be logged out of the system. You can then log back in.

How do I place a proxy bid?

LIVE allows you to please Proxy Bids on vehicles up to 30 minutes before a sale starts. To place a Proxy Bid, log into your account and use the Auction Programme or Vehicle Search to find the vehicle you want to leave a bid on. Click on the Add Proxy Bid button, enter your maximum bid and then click Submit.

LIVE will submit bids on your behalf up to the value you have entered and neither Aston Barclay nor your competitors in the hall will be aware if the bids being placed are Proxy Bids or bids placed by users at the time of the sale.

You are able to manage and edit your Proxy Bids up to 30 minutes before the sale start time. After this, you will not be able to delete any bids your have submitted and will be obliged to complete the sale should you be successful.

Pop Up Blockers

Ensure that any pop-up blockers are switched off for this site. Otherwise you might have difficulty in viewing inspection reports within the Bidding Window used to place online bids.

Can I use any internet browser?

Yes. Aston Barclay LIVE is supported by all main internet browsers.

Can I watch LIVE in full screen mode?

Yes. In the top right hand corner of the LIVE window there is a button to increase the resolution to full screen view.

If I leave a proxy bid, will the auctioneer know my bid value?

No. We take the confidentiality and security of our online bidder very seriously. Aston Barclay do not know the values of any Proxy Bids left on the system and will not know if an online bid is a Proxy Bid or a realtime bid.

Does my Watchlist allow me to track sold vehicles and see sale prices?

No. Your Watchlist is designed to allow you to create bespoke catalogues based on the Vehicle Searches you conduct. You can then print these or email them ready for the sale day. We are unable to give you any information regarding past sale prices for any vehicles sold through our auctions.

Can I see a report detailing a vehicle's condition?

Yes. We inspect the majority of vehicles offered for sale and assign a grade to each one based on its interior and exterior condition. These grades and reports are available to view within the Vehicle Search or Catalogue areas of our website. We image damage of interest and details other damage on each vehicle. These damage lines and images are available to view online and can be downloaded in PDF prior to the sale. You cannot obtain Vehicle Condition Reports from the auction.

My Firewall does not let me download any media?

In order to see and hear our LIVE auctions, you will need to make sure that any Firewall is open on Port 5119 an that the following IP Address is clear.

If you are behind a company Firewall, you may need to speak to your IT Department for further assistance in making these changes.


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