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We understand that auctions can come across as daunting for those that have never attended or had much to do with the Motor Industry so we have put together a Dictionary of the most frequent terms which you are likely to hear around a car auction, on our website and as Vehicle Option Abbreviations of our Sale Catalogues.


Ash Tray


An App available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play for use on smart phones and tablets that allows for remote bidding via Aston Barclay LIVE (Available exclusively to the Trade).


Anti-lock Braking System


Vehicle has Air Conditioning


Alternative Fuel Vehicles - Vehicles powered by fuels other than traditional petrol and diesel engines. Can include electric, hydrogen or hybrid


Vehicle fitted with an alarm

Aston Barclay Assured

A warranty style product offered on certain vehicles offered for sale in auction. For a full description, please visit the Aston Barclay Assured page


The process by which items are sold to the highest bidder within a competitive environment.


The person responsible for controlling the auction


A trade only stock sourcing product provided by Autotrader


Vehicle has Alloy Wheels


The Automotive Benevolent Fund. A charity which helps people within the motor industry


An increment of money offered by a bidder on a particular lot

Bid Now

An online service allowing buyers to place offers on vehicles outside of a physical sale (Exclusively for the Trade).


A person or company competing to purchase a particular lot by placing bids

Bidding Number

A unique number assigned to a bidder in some types of auction


Vehicles has a Body Kit

Buy Now

A fixed price stock locater available to buyers allowing them to source stock outside of physical auction for a fixed price (Exclusively for the trade).

Buyers Fee

An amount of money added to the sale price of any lot sold at auction - sometimes called Commission


British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. The trade body for companies and organisations engaged in the leasing and/or rental of vehicles


Vehicle has Centre Caps


A trade only guide price and market insight provider


A member of the auction staff responsible for taking payment from buyers and releasing Vehicle Documents and Pass Outs


A list of the lots for sale in any given auction


Vehicles has a CD Multi-changer

Centre For A Day

A sale dedicated to one particular seller, usually taking place at a time when no other sales are schedules and outside of a standard sales programme


Vehicle has a Cigarette Lighter


Vehicle has Central Locking


Vehicle has Climate Control

Closed Auction

A sale only available to invited buyers


Vehicle has a Compressor

Commercial Vehicle

Any item at auction that is primarily used for a business nature. Can include vans, trucks, tractors and plant


See Buyers Fee

Company Fleet

A group of vehicles used for the needs of a business or organisations and usually leasing from a leasing company

Contract Hire

A form of long term leasing agreement offered by Leasing and Finance Conpanies

Cover Note

A certificate of motor insurance provided as a temporary measure until full certification arrives


Vehicle has Cruise Control

Date of Reg (Date of First Registration)

The time at which a vehicles was assigned it's Registration Number

Dealer Group

A chain of car dealerships operating under a manufacturer franchise or franchises or independently from more than one geographic location. A type of seller and buyer at auction


A single location or branch within a Dealer Group. or an Independent Car Dealer


The amount of money that must be lodged with the auction in order to bid in any given sale, or to secure a bid on any given vehilcle

Dutch Auction

A variant of the English Auction system where the Auctioneer begins with a high asking price which is then lowered until a bidder accepts


Vehicle has a DVD Player


Vehicles has a DVD Player with Headphones


Vehicle has a DVD Player with a Remote Control


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, an Executive Office of the Department For Transport (DfT)


Vehicle has Electric Front Windows


Vehicle has Electric Seats

English Auction

The most widely used and recognisable system of auctioneering whereby the sale of an item is determined by an increase in the value of bids until a final (highest) bid and bidder remain.

Entry Details

information shown on the Windscreen Entry Form describing the vehicle such as the current Odometer Reading, Service history, MOT and other information of interest to buyers

Entry Fee

The cost to enter a vehicle for sale into any given auction


Vehicle has Electric Rear Windows


Vehicle has a First Aid Kit


Any charge added to the cost of selling or buying a vehicle at auction

Finance House

A company that leases vehicles to businesses, organisations or private individuals. A type of seller at auction


Vehicle has Fog Lights

Fleet Sale(s)

A auction dedicated to, or with the primary purpose of, remarketing vehicles previously owned or managed by a Company or Organisation.

Fleet Vehicle

A car or van which has previously been leased by a company or organisation

Former Keepers

The number of persons, organisations or companies which have previously been recorded as keeping any given vehicle

Fresh Entry

Vehicle or vehicles due to be offered for sale for the first time


The official name for an auctioneers hammer


Vehicle has a Glass Roof


The area in which the auction takes place. There can be multiple halls situated within a auction centre

Hammer Price

The value at which a lot is sold. The value is set once the auctioneer declares the lot as sold and brings down the gavel


An independent company providing vehicle history data


Vehicle has Head Rests


Vehicle has Heated Seats


Vehicle has a Heated Windscreen


An cloud based reporting and stock management tool allowing Aston Barclay customers to view purchases and monitor sale performance

Inspection Report

A document created by an inspector, engineer or auction employee highlighting any damager or issues with a vehicle

Key Room

The office within the auction site where vehicle keys are kept secure and released to a buyer upon presentation of a valid Pass Out

Leasing Company

An organisation with leases vehicles to businesses or organisations to form their fleet. A type of seller at auction


Vehicle has a Leather interior


An on-line auction available to Aston Barclay customers (exclusively for the trade)

Log Book

A common name for a vehicles Vehicle Registration Document or V5C


Any item for sale within any given auction

Lot Number

The unique number assigned to any given lot


Vehicle has Locking Wheel Nuts


Vehicle has the Locking Wheel Nut Key

Main Agent

The authorised seller and servie centre or a particular type, or types, or vehicle within a given geographic location. May also be used in reference to a vehicles Service History which may include a Main Agent stamp.


The maker of a type of vehicle. A type of seller at auction


The difference between costs and outlay to acquire a vehicles and the total subsequent sale price


Vehicle has Footwell Mats


The current total miles travelled by any particular vehicle as shown on the Odometer


A certificate confirming that at the time of the last test, a vehicle met the minimum statutory standards for safety.


National Association of Motor Auctions

NextGear Capital

A company providing stock funding solutions to the motor traders


Vehicle does not have a Service Book


Used to describe a vehicle whose engine will not start


A device which records the current total miles travelled by a vehicles and then displays this record

Open Auction

A sale where anybody is free to attend and bid


Vehicle has a Panoramic Roof

Part X

Vehicles offered at auction that have been traded to a Delaership in return for a new vehicle


Vehicle has Power Assisted Steering

Pass Out

A form given to the buyer of a vehicles indicating that the sale in complete and allowing the buyer to remove the vehicles from the auction premises


Vehicle has a Phone Kit


A term used to describe any items which do not fall into general sale categories. Mainly used to describe agricultural machinery, industrial items or non-road vehicles


Term used to refer to a vehicles Registration Number

Plus VAT

You will only pay VAT on top if you are buying a commercial vehicle like a van that has commercial VAT to be added. You wont be able to reclaim this and it will be on top of the hammer price.

Private Buyer

The term used to describe a member of the public purchasing a vehicles for their own use

Provisional Bid

The process whereby the auction will contact the seller and offer them the highest bid achieved during the sale if this bid has not met or exceeded the Reserve Price

Proxy Bid

A service provided via Aston Barclay LIVE allowing trade buyers to leave their highest bid and allow the system to place these bids on their behalf


Vehicle has Parking Sensors


Vehicle has a Radio/Cassette


Vehicle has a Radio/Cassette/CD


Vehicle has a Radio/CD

Registration Number

The unique code assigned to each vehicle by the DVLA and used to indentify it


The industry term used to describe the sale of vehicles at auction and the various associated services


The minimum sale value set by the seller on any and all vehicles.


The Retail Motor Industry, an organisation representing all areas of the motor trade

Road Tax

The statutory amount payable on all vehicles in order to drive them on UK roads, sometimes referred to as RFL


The stage or podium from where the auction in controlled

Rostrum Clerk

An assistant to the Auctioneer who acts as customer liaison during the auction


Vehicle has Roof Rails


The time during which an auction takes place


See Comments on this particular vehicle for more details


Vehicle has SatNAv fitted


Vehicle comes with a SatNav CD


Vehicle has a Remote Control for the SatNav system


Vehicles come with an SD memory card for the SatNav

Sold As Seen

The process by which lots are offered for sale without guarantee or warranty


Vehicle has a spoiler


Vehicle has suede interior


Vehicle has a sun roof


Vehicle has a Tow Bar

Timed Auction

An online auction modelled on consumer website where lots are offered for sale within a set period of time Exclusively for the Trade).


Vehicle has TomTom SatNav system


Vehicle has a Tool Kit


Buyers or sellers operating within the Automotive Industry for commercial gain


Vehicle has a Television


A vehicle that has been entered for sale but has not been bought either due to lack of interest from buyers, the final bid not meeting or exceeding the reserve price, or the seller rejecting a Provisional Bid


Also known as the Log Book. Shows the present Registered Keepers details and is used to inform the DVLA of any change in ownership

VAT Marginal

A car sold at auction with the statement VAT Margin has no VAT added to the hammer price. The hammer price is the price you pay for that car.

VAT Qualifying

A car sold at auction with the statement VAT Qualifying has no VAT added to the hammer price. However it will have the VAT element stated on the invoice but this cant be reclaimed by a private buyer.

Vehicle Alerts

A system of email notifications allowing buyers to be notified when a vehicle matching their criteria becomes allocated for sale

Vehicle Documnets

The collective term used to describe all legal and additional paperwork relating to a vehicle

Vehicle Logistics

The process and system of arranging vehicles for collection and delivery to and from the auction centre


A term used to describe a seller of vehicles


Vehicle & Operator Services Agency


Vehicle Remarketing Association


Vehicle has a Warning Triangle


Abbreviation of Warranted, used on our online catalogues to identify the warranted status of mileage on vehicles offered for sale.

Warranted Mileage

Used to inform when a seller has confirmed that the current odometer reading is correct and accurate


A system allowing buyers to place multiple types of vehicle into a bespoke list with the My Account area to create tailored sale catalogues and stock lists

Windscreen Entry Form

A document attached to the inside of a vehicle showing the vehicles Entry Details

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