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The benefits of going electric

  1. Environmental Impact: EVs are game-changers in the fight against air pollution and climate change. By producing zero tailpipe emissions, they significantly enhance air quality and contribute to a healthier planet.
  2. Health Benefits: The reduction in air pollutants from EVs translates to tangible health benefits, leading to improved respiratory and cardiovascular well-being. Choosing an EV is choosing a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Regenerative Braking: EVs often feature regenerative braking systems that not only boost their range but also save energy by converting braking energy into usable power. This innovation underscores the efficiency of EVs in every aspect.
  4. Lower Maintenance Costs: Fewer moving parts mean less wear and tear. This translates to reduced maintenance expenses, offering substantial savings over the vehicle's lifetime compared to traditional ICE vehicles.
  5. Long-Term Savings: While the initial investment in an EV might be higher, the long-term savings are undeniable. Lower operating and maintenance costs, coupled with potential fuel savings, make EV ownership financially rewarding.
  6. Reduced Noise Pollution: Imagine a quieter, more serene urban environment. EVs contribute to reduced noise pollution, offering a quieter and more peaceful driving experience that enhances our overall quality of life.
  7. Innovation and Technology: Owning an EV is embracing the future of mobility. These vehicles are on the cutting edge of automotive technology, incorporating rapid advancements that redefine the driving experience.
  8. Resale Value: As EV popularity grows and technology evolves, they are proven to retain better resale value compared to traditional counterparts. Owning an EV can be an investment in more ways than one.
  9. Access to Restricted Areas: Many cities reward EV owners with privileges such as reduced parking cost, reduced or no toll fees, and entry to emission-restricted zones, making daily commutes smoother and more efficient.
  10. Reduced Smog and Urban Heat: The positive environmental impact of EVs extends to reduced smog and urban heat. By choosing an EV, you're contributing to a cooler, more comfortable urban environment.
  11. Innovation Incentives: The EV industry fuels innovation across sectors, particularly in battery technology, energy storage, and renewable energy integration. Your choice ripples through industries driving positive change.
  12. Stable Fuel Costs: Shield yourself from the volatility of fossil fuel markets. With generally stable electricity prices, EV owners enjoy a more predictable and cost-effective energy source.
  13. Home Energy Integration: Imagine harnessing your vehicle's battery to store excess renewable energy and power your home during peak demand. EVs redefine how we manage energy consumption.
  14. Positive Image and Social Impact: Owning an EV is a statement of environmental consciousness and commitment to sustainable living. By setting an example, you can inspire others to consider greener transportation options.

Why buy or sell with Aston Barclay

As a company, Aston Barclay offers buyers the chance to bid, and sellers the chance to remarket their stock, at car and vehicle auctions across the country. We’re a national, independent business led by quality people, and we’re constantly driving the future of the vehicle remarketing industry through innovation, investment, technology, and exceptional service.

It’s why we have a huge range of used cars, vans and other vehicles in stock and for sale at vehicle auctions across the UK, and why we have regular customers all over the UK. It’s also why all auctions we feature online are up there with the best in Europe, never mind just the UK. 

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