Yann Marston From Char.gy

Revolutionising Urban EV Charging: An Interview with Yann Marston from Char.gy

Char.gy is leading the charge in transforming urban electric vehicle (EV) charging, offering innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly into city life. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, Char.gy has developed the first on-street charging solution using lamp posts, addressing a significant barrier to EV adoption: the lack of off-street parking. Yann Marston, the Chief Revenue Officer, plays a pivotal role in this transformative journey, steering Char.gy towards a future where charging an EV is as simple as parking on the street.

At the core of Char.gy's mission is the vision that initiated its founding—the need for a more accessible charging infrastructure. Recognising the challenges faced by urban residents, Char.gy embarked on a mission to simplify EV charging, making it an integral part of daily life without the need for private driveways or garages.

The Genesis of Char.gy

Char.gy's story began with a simple, yet revolutionary idea: to make EV charging accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of their living situation. By leveraging existing urban infrastructure, such as lamp posts, Char.gy has made strides towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable urban environment for EV owners.

Why Char.gy is a Beacon for Urban EV Owners

Yann Marston explained how Char.gy's solutions are designed to alleviate one of the most pressing concerns for potential EV owners—charging accessibility. In places like Southwark, where Char.gy has a significant presence, the adoption of EVs has seen a substantial increase, demonstrating the impact of accessible charging solutions on sustainable urban transport.

The Imperative of Reliable Charging

A notable aspect of Char.gy's service is its exceptional reliability, with a 99.2% uptime for their chargers. Yann asserts that such reliability should be the standard, highlighting the importance of dependable and efficient charging solutions for daily use. Char.gy's commitment to AC charging for everyday needs, supplemented by DC fast charging for quicker needs, reflects their user-centric approach.

Achieving High Reliability

Yann shared insights into how Char.gy maintains such high reliability, emphasising the importance of operational excellence and customer satisfaction. This dedication ensures that EV owners can trust Char.gy for their charging needs, reinforcing the company's position as a leader in urban EV charging solutions.

A Vision for the Future

Our conversation with Yann Marston underscored Char.gy's commitment to revolutionising urban mobility. With innovative solutions and a forward-thinking approach, Char.gy is not just addressing today's challenges but also paving the way for a more sustainable and accessible future for EV owners.

For an in-depth look at Char.gy's mission, challenges, and the future of urban EV charging, don't miss our latest interview with Yann Marston. Visit our EV Hub to watch the full conversation and explore how Char.gy is driving the evolution of urban EV charging​​.

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