The evolution of the UK's charging infrastructure

The Evolution of the UK's EV Charging Infrastructure

As the UK accelerates its shift towards electric vehicles (EV), the charging infrastructure expands to match this momentum. Zapmap's meticulously gathered data showcases the transformative growth of the EV charging network. Here's an overview of the latest developments as of February 2024, contrasted with the earlier data to highlight the growth percentages.

Robust Increase in Charging Points

The UK's public EV charging landscape features 57,290 charging points across 32,575 locations as of February 2024. This represents a significant increase from the 30,360 locations reported previously, demonstrating a 47% increase in the number of charging devices year-over-year.

Monthly Additions and Growth Ratios

In the single month of February 2024, the network expanded by 1,989 net new devices. This increment includes various types of chargers, with growth distributed across slow (1,268), fast (295), rapid (290), and ultra-rapid (136) devices. When compared to the earlier figure of 1,634 new devices in a month, this indicates a monthly growth rate of about 21.7%.

Accelerated Yearly Expansion

Reflecting on the year-over-year growth, the UK has welcomed 18,308 new charge points since February 2023, marking a 47% increase. This expansion rate underscores the UK’s aggressive strategy to advance its charging infrastructure.

Capacity vs. Device Count

While the total number of devices grew substantially, it’s important to note the specific growth in the rapid and ultra-rapid segments. Although they made up around 20% of the device count, their capacity for faster charging is about three times that proportion, indicating a strategic emphasis on high-speed charging facilities.

Network Leaders and Their Expansion

The leading networks have also seen significant growth. Shell Recharge Ubitricity remains at the forefront, but with new networks emerging, the competitive landscape is evolving rapidly. For example, InstaVolt, Tesla, and bp pulse have significantly increased their market presence with rapid and ultra-rapid chargers.

Geographical Spread and Increases

The number of charge points in key areas such as Greater London, the South East, and Scotland has grown, with Greater London alone seeing an impressive increase in charge points, now totaling 18,927, further confirming the focus on urban EV infrastructure development.

Rapid and Ultra-Rapid Device Growth

The number of rapid or ultra-rapid devices has reached 10,967 across 5,113 locations, a substantial increase from the previous count of 9,627 devices. This reflects a significant growth percentage, highlighting the demand for quicker charging options.

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