Pioneering Change with Lorna McAtear at National Grid

Pioneering Change with Lorna McAtear at National Grid

Pioneering the Future of Fleet Management

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become the pivotal elements of change. Our series "Lead the Charge" proudly presents its first interview with Lorna McAtear, the visionary Head of Fleet at National Grid. With her oversight of a vast fleet that boasts 50% electrification of the cars on fleet, Lorna is a huge part of the EV movement. This conversation sheds light on the nuances of EV adoption, from individual experiences to the strategic management of one of the UK's largest vehicle fleets.

From Introduction to Action

Lorna's journey into the electric vehicle sphere is marked by a blend of strategic foresight and personal conviction. Steering the fleet at National Grid towards a greener future, she highlights the shift in corporate perspective towards electric vehicles, reflecting a broader change in societal values. "At National Grid, when people come to me about company cars, they are talking about EVs," highlighting the evolving mindset around sustainable transportation.

After being introduced, Lorna's narrative weaves through the practicalities and philosophies of embracing electric vehicles, both personally and within the expansive fleet she manages. Her approach to overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities provides a blueprint for success in the rapidly evolving EV landscape.

Her strategic vision extends beyond immediate concerns, focusing on long-term impacts and planning. Lorna emphasises the importance of realistic goal-setting and the value of incremental progress in the journey towards full electrification. "Look at where we are going and put a 10-year plan in place," she advises, underlining the need for a methodical and forward-thinking approach.

Guidance for the Road Ahead

For those who are in fleet management and looking to switch to electric vehicles, Lorna offers practical advice from experience. Engaging with peers, planning meticulously, and initiating the transition, even if with a single vehicle, are steps she champions for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact.

To explore the full breadth of this enlightening conversation, we invite you to visit our EV Hub, where the complete interview with Lorna will be available from the 26th of February. 

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