Bidding Rules

  • A bidder may not withdraw a bid after it is placed.
  • A bidder may not submit a bid which is less than the specified bid amount.
  • The winning bid will be the highest of the auction whilst also meeting any other conditions specific to that auction detailed within the listing from the start of that listing.
  • When a buyer bids they are agreeing to purchase that vehicle for a maximum of that price in the event that they are the highest Bidder. Once a bid has been accepted the buyer is legally bound to complete the transaction at the winning price.
  • A vendor may not bid on their own vehicle – if they are suspected of doing so their account may be suspended.
  • Proxy bids will automatically bid above the second highest bid by £25 unless the difference is less than £25 in which case the maximum of the proxy bid will be used.
  • If a submitted proxy bid is at least the reserve price, Aston Barclay will automatically increase that buyers bid to meet the reserve, and bidding will continue from there.
  • If a vehicle has both bid and buy it now options:
    • the buy it now option will remain until a bid is placed that meets or exceeds the reserve price. Once the reserve is met the buy it now price will be removed.
    • If bids have been placed, but the reserve has not been met, the use of buy it now will end the sale immediately and the vehicle will be sold.
    • If there is no reserve the buy it now option will remain until the bidding reaches the buy it now price
  • Payment:
    • Vehicles not at an AB site: the successful Bidder must make direct payment to the seller within 48 hours, in accordance with the seller’s terms and conditions. AB takes no part in the transaction and AB terms and conditions for transacting do not apply.
    • Vehicle at an AB site: the successful Bidder must pay for the vehicle in accordance with Aston Barclay terms and conditions. Payment will be made to Aston Barclay.
  • Title to the vehicle will pass to the successful Bidder when they pay for the vehicle.
  • Where the reserve has not been met a Seller may end an auction listing at any point without notifying Bidders .
  • Aston Barclay reserves the right to end an auction listing at any time without prior notification to the Bidders regardless of the reserve being met. This is to allow for unforeseen circumstances
  • If a buyer is the highest bidder and the reserve price is not met the Seller may offer the vehicle to that buyer at their highest bid, or request Aston Barclay contact the buyer to accept or discuss their bid for the vehicle.
  • Aston Barclay retains the discretion to remove bids or cancel auctions such as when the are inaccuracies in the listing or bids have been obviously placed erroneously.
  • If a buyer’s bid is successful:
    • Vehicles not at an AB site: the Seller and buyer details will be provided to each other by email or within the AB website. Sellers and buyers should agree between them dates and time for collection of the vehicle and payment method. AB suggests sellers do not release vehicles until paid for by the buyer.
    • Vehicles at an AB site: the standard arrangements for collection and payment for Aston Barclay physical auctions are used.

Aston Barclay is not required to involve themselves in any disputes between Seller and Bidders where vehicles are transacted between those parties. Where vehicles have come onto an AB site the standard AB terms apply.

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