Aston Barclay teams up with Proovstation to be the first remarketing company to adopt AI-powered inspection system

Aston Barclay has launched a groundbreaking innovation within the UK vehicle remarketing sector – the Proovstation Inspection Gantry. This state-of-the-art automated technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to map and process data related to damages on each vehicle.

The automated inspection scanner employs an AI-led process to ensure precise and consistent appraisals. Upon entering the gantry, the vehicle undergoes a comprehensive assessment. Dedicated tire scanners measure the wear of all four tires, and internal lights illuminate the vehicle, enabling cameras to map the entire exterior. This process identifies chips, dents, and scratches as the vehicle drives through the gantry.

Following the inspection, the gantry processes the collected data, and within 90 seconds, the findings are transmitted to the inspector's handheld device. The information is then fed into Aston Barclay's internal damage-appraisal engine, which calculates the cost of damage and assigns a NAMA grading for the vehicle.

The innovative technology significantly improves inspection accuracy, as well as reducing the time it takes to complete an inspection, all of which aids Aston Barclay’s ability to reduce the number of days to sell. The implementation enhances operating standards across the whole organisation, as well as providing a more improved data set – the more cars that are inputted, the more refined the data output becomes, providing a more efficient service.  

Aston Barclay is the first company in the UK to collaborate with Proovstation, a global company with over 200 stations sold conducting millions of inspections across 12 countries. While automated inspection gantries are commonplace among OEMs in the UK, Aston Barclay proudly claims the title of the first auction house to implement such an advanced system.

Aston Barclay currently enjoys the use of the system at two of its six sites, Wakefield and Donington with plans to roll out the technology out further in the coming months, allowing all customers to rely on improved operating standards and more accurate data across the whole group.

Since returning to one hundred percent physical auctions at the beginning of 2023, Aston Barclay has seen an increase in attendance for both car and LCV auctions. All used stock continues to be made available for online buyers and with one third of vehicles predicted to be purchased online, which is supported by the Proovstation technology.

Nick Thompson, chief customer officer at Aston Barclay commented "This pioneering technology enhances inspection accuracy and reduces the time required for inspections, helping us to improve the speed we can process our cars. Not only does this allow us to provide a more efficient service for our customers, but we can also ensure there is consistency for all vehicles across our centres”.

“The addition of new technology is vital for businesses like Aston Barclay, as the used vehicle industry, although straight forward, is an everchanging and advancing sector. Our products are designed to save time and improve accuracy during the inspection process, giving Aston Barclay an opportunity to offer more vehicles through auctions while enjoying an instant return on investment,” said Gabriel Tissandier, managing director at Proovstation.

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