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Across our Group, we hold a number of different types of car auction, catering for the needs of both our buyers and sellers, enabling the right buyers to find the right vendors via the optimum sales route to suit their needs.

Fleet Sales

Fleet Sales offer vehicles from leading contract hire, leasing & finance houses and banks with a huge selection of vehicles representing the breadth of makes and models we see on our roads today. These vehicles are typically three years old and usually come with a good standard of history and condition.

Fleet Sales are held across our group all week, for the full schedule, visit our auction schedules page here.

Dealer Group & General Sales

Franchised dealer groups, main agents, car supermarkets, independent traders and the general public all sell vehicles through our auctions. Their are many reasons behind these sales and the range of stock on offer is vast, enabling buyers to choose vehicles to suit their business' stock profile, whether that be by make, model, age, condition or mileage.

Dealer Group & General Sales are held across our group all week, for the full schedule, visit our auction schedules page here.

Car Manufacturer Sales

Car manufacturers place vehicles into auction to feed stock to their dealer network and to release funds on ex-demo and management vehicles. The stock on offer is usually three years old and comes with good mileage. Some manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz have their own Approved Used Car and Wholesale Verified standards, meaning that vehicles are ready to be retailed, or have been reconditioned to a minimum standard. These programmes also include items such as the number of keys and the vehicle documentation being available to the buyer.

We hold Manufacturer Sales are held across our group all week, for the full schedule, visit our auction schedules page here.

Centre For A Day Sales

Sometimes, some of our vendors will want to increase their sales programme with us and benefit from having the auction centre to themselves for an entire day. These days are referred to as Centre For A Day Sales and they usually see over 120 vehicles being offered from one vendor with the possibility of selected products from one or two others with whom the primary vendor has a relationship.

These sales attract a dedicated buyer following for the particular vendor either due to the stock on offer matching their own stock profile, or because, in the case of a Manufacturer Centre For A Day, they are members of the Franchised Network looking to source stock from the vehicle manufacturer.

Our Centre for a Day Sales are held across our group, for the full schedule, visit our auction schedules page here. 

Aston Barclay LIVE

All of the vehicles offered in our physical sales are also available to buy through Aston Barclay LIVE; our real-time, online auctions.

Aston Barclay LIVE allows you to bid on vehicles and compete with your competitors in the hall, either in real time as the sale takes place, or by placing proxy bids on the vehicles you are interested in meaning that you can carry on with your day and let LIVE place bids on your behalf.

Aston Barclay LIVE is only available to members of the motor trade who hold a valid Aston Barclay Account. Please contact us for more information on how to qualify for Aston Barclay LIVE.

Bid & Buy Now

To allow our trade buyers to source stock 24/7, outside of a physical auction, we publish selected vehicles to our Bid & Buy Now platform which advertises vehicles for a fixed price or allows buyers to submit their best bid to us. These vehicles are included within our stock lists for all trade account holders.

Please contact us for more information on how to qualify for Bid & Buy Now.

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