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Selling your car at auction is quick, easy and can typically give you more money than online car buying websites. We've compiled a handy guide to walk you through the process.

  • Make sure your vehicle is clean, tidy and ensure that you have removed any personal belongings
  • Make sure you have all of the available documentation and items that came with the car. This can include: V5c Registration Document, MOT Certificate, Spare keys, SatNav disc or card, historic garage receipts, etc
  • Bring your vehicle to the auction where it may be inspected, photographed and valeted depending on the age of the vehicle, type of seller and type of sale entered. Contact your local centre to find out when is a good time to come
  • You will need to complete an entry form, confirming that you are entitled to sell the vehicle.
  • You will also need to provide valid photographic ID (UK Passport or driving licence) when entering a vehicle for sale.
  • You should consider the reserve price for your vehicle. Our auctioneers can assist you on setting a realistic figure. The reserve price is the minimum sale price for your vehicle and you should consider your vehicles age, model, mileage, condition and service history when thinking of your reserve
  • Your vehicle will not be sold for less than the reserve without your prior consent
  • Your car will then be entered (lotted) into the next suitable auction
  • There is a fee for each sale your vehicle is entered into - the auction centre will be able to advise you of this when speaking with them
  • We will strive to deliver the best result for your vehicle at our auctions
  • If your vehicle fails to meet your reserve price, we may take a 'provisional bid' if the highest bid is close to the reserve price
  • In the event of a provisional bid, we will contact you and attempt to reach agreement between you and the bidder on the sale price
  • You are entitled to stick to your reserve but may be liable for sale entry fees if you do not accept a reasonable offer
  • In the unlikely event that your vehicle is unsold, we will speak to you about the possible reasons for this
  • If your car is unsold, it will be entered into the next available sale unless you inform us otherwise
  • In between sales we may publish your vehicle on Bid & Buy Now so that our buyers have the opportunity to purchase your vehicle outside of a normal sale
  • When your vehicle has been sold we will send payment to you (minus fees and charges) via cheque or bank transfer
  • A sellers fee is payable on top of the entry fee on all vehicles sold. This is on an increasing scale dependant on the final sale price of your vehicle. Ask at your Aston Barclay centre for details of our current fees
  • We will liaise with DVLA Swansea regarding the change of keeper and sale of the vehicle

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