Coming Up "Lead the Charge" Interviews: Pioneering Conversations in the EV World

 In an era where electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly reshaping the automotive landscape, staying informed and ahead of the curve is crucial. Aston Barclay is proud to present the "Lead the Charge" interview series – a groundbreaking initiative designed to enlighten and engage our audience in the ever-evolving world of EVs.

Each month, we bring to you exclusive interviews with industry experts, diving deep into various sectors associated with EVs. These insightful sessions aim to raise awareness and provide education on a range of EV-related topics, from technological advancements to market trends and sustainability practices.

Our initial session kicks off with a bang, featuring an esteemed guest who is at the forefront of the EV revolution: Lorna McAtear, the Head of Fleet for National Grid. Lorna's role at the helm of fleet operations for one of the largest electricity and gas utility companies in the UK gives her a unique perspective on the integration of EVs in a huge fleet of 9000 vehicle.

In this interview, Lorna will shed light on various aspects of EV adoption, including the challenges of fleet conversion. Her insights are particularly valuable for businesses and individuals navigating the transition to electric vehicles, offering practical advice and forward-thinking strategies. Listeners can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of how major utility companies like National Grid are adapting to the EV movement.

The "Lead the Charge" series is more than just a set of interviews; it's a platform for thought leadership in the EV space. By engaging with experts like Lorna, we aim to bring our audience to the forefront of the electric vehicle conversation, equipping them with the knowledge and perspectives needed to navigate this dynamic industry.

This month's interview with Lorna McAtear is just the beginning. As we continue our series, you can look forward to more enlightening discussions with key players across various EV sectors. Our commitment goes beyond just providing information; we aim to foster a community of informed EV enthusiasts and professionals. By understanding the nuances and developments in this field, our audience can make more informed decisions, whether it's about purchasing an EV, investing in EV infrastructure, or understanding the broader implications of electric mobility on our environment and society.

Join us on the last week of every month for these captivating conversations. The "Lead the Charge" interviews are more than just a source of information; they are a catalyst for change and progress in the EV industry. Stay tuned for our session with Lorna and prepare to be part of an enlightening journey into the heart of the electric vehicle revolution with Aston Barclay.

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