The Current State of the UK's EV Charging Infrastructure

The UK's commitment to becoming a leader in electric vehicle (EV) adoption along with the rapid expansion of its charging infrastructure. As of October 2023, the landscape of electric mobility in the UK has seen remarkable growth, both in the number of charging locations and the devices available to the public. 

Expansive Growth in Numbers 

Statistics show a total of 30,360 charging locations across the UK, equipped with 51,516 devices. The network of connectors, which facilitates the charging of EVs, stands at an impressive count of 79,564. The infrastructure is growing month on month with 1,634 added in the last month alone. 

Network Distribution and Market Share 

The UK's charging points are made up by a variety of operators, with the largest network holding 17% of the total market share. These networks offer varying levels of service, including rapid and ultra-rapid charging options, which are crucial for long-distance travel and time-sensitive users. 

Geographical Spread of Charging Points 

Charging points are not evenly distributed across the UK. The South East leads with the highest number, followed by London. The distribution reflects the focus on supporting the dense population centers and regions with higher EV adoption rates. 


Rapid and Ultra-Rapid Charging Points 


Rapid and ultra-rapid charging points are of particular interest to EV users due to their faster charging times. Across the UK there are 4,938 locations with 9,627 devices offering rapid and ultra-rapid charging. Over the last month, this part of the network has grown by 418 connectors. 

Future Prospects 

The UK is making sure that its network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers is growing and getting better all the time. The government and businesses are working together to make sure there will be enough chargers for the increasing number of EVs we'll see in the next few years. 

The UK is moving fast towards a future where driving electric vehicles is the norm. This shows that the UK is serious about cutting down on pollution and getting ready for a future where electric cars are everywhere. By planning carefully and growing quickly, the UK is leading the way for other countries to follow in making a strong and easy-to-use network of electric car chargers. 

For detailed information and the latest statistics on the UK’s EV charging points, visit Zap-Map's statistics page

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